Thursday, September 11, 2008

Stand And Be Counted

This afternoon, we all went out to a busy strip of road next to a high school just at the time that school let out, and parents were coming to get their kids, and also around the time people were just starting to come home from work. Last night, we made signs. We stood at this intersection for about 1 hour and 45 minutes.

We got a few "thumbs down," one guy who stopped and yelled unintelligible things from his car, and one crazy lady screaming "NOOOOOOO! NOOOOOOO!" at the top of her lungs, like we were about to about to commit infanticide or something. Funny about those Liberals, they poop their pants if you don't let gays get married, and they whoop and holler in favor of Obama, who actively supports baby murder.

On a brighter note, the large majority of responses were positive, from horns honked supportively, to comments, "thumbs up," and even a "Thank you!"

Overall, it was a great success.

We decided to do this on a whim, because we know that this time we're playing for keeps. All of us, quiet, keep-it-to-ourselves, Conservatives have to stand up now, and be counted. We need to let the world know that we will not let radicals and activists destroy our society. We also realized that many people don't know anything about the propositions that they will be asked to vote on in November. We wanted to make sure that those people were made aware of what Prop 8 was, and also wanted to show other Conservatives that it is okay to stand up for what is right. I kept having this verse from the Doctrine and Covenants run through my mind:

For there are many yet on the earth among all sects, parties, and denominations, who are blinded by the subtle craftiness of men, whereby they lie in wait to deceive, and who are only kept from the truth because they know not where to find it— (D&C 123:12)

We invite all like-minded individuals, couples, and especially families, to make their own signs and stand up and be counted! Remember, there are only 2 months until election day!

We also printed quarter-sheet flyers to hand out, which you can download from here (.doc format).

If you have any cool friends, we think it would be cool to have one individual, couple, or family posted at every intersection for several blocks in a row along a busy street.

If you do anything, please let us know in the comments! A link to pics would be nice!

PS - Oh, and don't forget to check with property owners if you are not on public land, like a sidewalk. We left the sidewalk for a shady spot on the grass. This grass is apparently considered part of the high school we were beside, and someone tattled on us. The cops showed up and asked if anyone else was coming, but when we told them it was just our little family, and they saw that there was no shade on the sidewalk, they told us they would go smooth things out for us with the school. It was a little surprising to have them stop, but everything went fine! Yay for nice cops!!!


Chino Blanco said...

Ron Prentice Gets Rich Fighting Gay Marriage

Ron Prentice is CEO of the California Family Council and Chairman of, the committee behind Prop 8 (the folks working to ban gay marriage in California).

Ron is set to be be honored at the Values Voter Summit 2008 (September 12-14) with Focus on the Family Action's Family Champion Award.

Justin McLachlan has broken a major story in the Proposition 8 battle: California Family Council contributions have mostly been spent on the generous salaries that Ron pays himself and his staff.

So far, there’ve been about a dozen news and blog pieces that have appeared online referencing Justin’s research into Ron Prentice and his shady management of donor funds.

Folks volunteering for and making contributions to the “Yes on 8″ campaign should be aware that the operatives running the show have a track record of using contributions to generously reward themselves.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Chino blanco sounds about as intelligent as his/her name. Let's face one simple fact...Homosexuals can't reproduce. So, without bringing God into it, natural selection states that they are a dying race. Natural Selection is about getting rid of what is wrong to make way for what is right. So, homosexuals rely on hetrosexuals to advance their culture. I wouldn't call that a position of influence. I'm sure some liberal will take my opinion as hate speach. Fact is, I don't hate gay people! Oh, you don't believe that is possible? How many of your friends have ever done something stupid? Do you hate them? I believe that I can safely say that I'm ok with gay people and not their lifestyle because I have gay people in my family. I don't support, and will never support, their lifestyle choice. Liberals look at this as being closed minded. I believe that I've looked at all the alternatives and come to an educated decision. I don't believe that the minority can tell the majority how to define marriage. The majority decides that. And the majority will decide that when Prop. 8 passes. Oh, and just to let you know chino blanco, I wouldn't worry about people contributing money to the cause. Your greatest concern should be the millions of people that will volunteer anything they can with no thought of compensation.

D. Rolling Kearney said...

Okay, chino. Thanks for the heads up! The real question is, however, just where IS your head up? I'm not looking for it, but your back must hurt from being bent over like that all the time.

Rich: Word up, brotha! I say this as one of those millions. I think that the least I can do for the Lord, who has blessed my life so much already, is to fight valiantly for a cause that He supports, particularly one that He has defined so clearly. I'm also not concerned with Liberal hype. They have proven time and again that they will stoop to any depth to slander a righteous cause. If, however, these funds ARE being abused, I am certain that God will sort that one out with a quickness! As in all things, the imperfections of the servants do not invalidate the Master or the message!